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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Half Ironman Triathlon Training Update

This weekend was pretty good for training. I got in my first long run in a couple weeks. I did 9 miles on Saturday. My foot was pretty sore, but I got through it. Had to stop a couple times and stretch out the foot and calf. Still ended up with a 8:24 pace so not that bad. My foot was pretty sore the next day.

On Sunday I rode with a small group that I rode with last year. It is a good group of people, but they ride at a slower pace than I have gotten used to. This is good I guess, as I can now see that my training has definitely improved my cycling and after riding with them for 25 miles, I headed off on my own for another 20 miles. There was a lot of wind so I really had to put my head down and grind it out for awhile. Coming back was great because I had a strong tailwind so I was cruising at about 25 mph for most of the 10 miles back home. The ride felt good and I felt strong. No run after because the family was waiting for me.

St. Anthony's is coming up so I need my foot to get better so I can redeem myself of last year's poor performance.

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  1. I'm looking to start running & possibly get into triathlons eventually myself. Keep up the good work!