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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Half Ironman Training Update

Yesterday was my first official training day for my first half ironman. I planned on a swim at lunch but when I got there, I realized the gym at my local college was closed for winter break, great. I didn't have my running shoes with me so I would have to swim and run after work. Oh well. I live in Florida so the cold is not usually a factor. Not usually. We have been having a "cold" snap this week and it was about 45 degrees outside when I got to the pool. I was the only one there when I got there and hoped it would be closed for some strange reason but it wasn't. I have not really swam much since my last race in August and this session tonight was not pretty. I felt slow and out of breath. It sarted to come back to me after about 1000m and I left soon after. I went home and did a 4 mile run with some 30 sec. intervals thrown in. Pretty boring. One day down and 20 weeks to go!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Official Half Ironman Training Program Begins

This week marks the start of my official half ironman training plan for Florida 70.3. I have my plan layed out and the first workout is tomorrow. I want to keep good records this year in order to evaluate my training and see how it effects my results. I will be doing 2 a day workouts that include swimming and running 3 days a week and cycling only 3 days a week with a short 15-20 min. transition run after the bike for 1 or 2 of the sessions. I will evaluate my plan and make the necessary changes throughout the program as necessary in order to minimize the time I will be losing from my family. That means early morning training and lunchtime training. I will post my training periodically as well as some other triathlon related information and funny things I come across. I don't want to bore everyone with just my training log.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What does a mass triathlon swim start feel like?

This about sums it up!

Ran 3 miles worth of intervals yesterday at lunch. I had to return a package to the post office so I was able to get a workout in and run and errand at the same time.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Half Ironman Training

Ran 5 miles yesterday. It was a little chilly but seeing as how I live in Florida, I can't really complain about it too much. It was a good run and finished with a 7:49 pace. I plan on riding the trainer and doing a run after that tonight. My official training plan starts next Tuesday and I'm excited. I need to remember the balance between my training and home life. My family comes first and if I miss a workout, the world won't stop turning and I'll just pick up where I left off.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Triathlon Swim Tips With Dave Scott

Triathlon Swim Tips with Dave Scott

I got in the pool for the first time in 3 months yesterday and it was pretty ugly. I only did 1000m because I was a little short on time. By the end I was starting to remember some of the little things and it was beginning to come back. I'm hoping to do the master's swim tomorrow night and hopefully get a few pointers to remind me of some techniques that I have apparrently forgotten about. In all honesty, it did feel good to get back in the pool and I like the feeling of training swim, bike, and run.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Saturday Trail Run

It was cold (as far as Florida goes) and rainy on Saturday morning and I went for a run on a local trail with a couple friends. I had never run this trail before but I think it's between 7 and 8 miles. Everything felt good and I was with much faster runners so they made me push myself. With about 2 miles to go, I finally tripped on one of the many roots and fell forward landing chest first on a cut off tree stump. Ouch! It took me a second to realize I was okay, but it really hurt. We finished the run and by the time I got home, I had a huge lump on my chest. It is getting better now and I realize it could have been a lot worse. Well I now feel like I paid some early dues for the trail runs that I have planned so hopefully that will be my worst fall for a while.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cocky Cyclist??? I Don't Believe It!

I hate to post just training info, so here is info plus a video to watch as a reminder that it is not over till it's over. I wonder how he felt after that.