Triathlon Training Resources

Monday, November 30, 2009

Space Coast Half Marathon

1:49:10. PR for me! Felt really good running as the weather was perfect. A little cold (for Florida) at the start, but perfect once we started. I have been focusing on my run for the last couple months and even though I'm still not "fast", I feel much more confident when running. I was hoping for 1:50 and I beat that so it felt good to hit my mark. It's time to start getting ready for Florida 70.3 in May so it's back to all 3 sports. I feel much better about my running so I hope to see some good improvements next season. I hope to hit the pool in the next week or so and have started some light riding the last couple weeks.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Back To Brick Training

Started doing some short rides this week and run a mile after each one. I have been just running for a couple months so it was hard to remember the feeling of running off the bike. I quickly remembered. The half marathon is this weekend and I'm looking forward to it. After this weekend I will be back to all three sports and really starting my training on December 29th.

Monday, November 9, 2009

First Half Ironman Training - 20 Miles in the bag

I completed my first 20 mile run on Saturday. I planned on an 18 miler with a friend and ended up running 20. It was not that bad and the pace was slow enough to be able to complete it without too much struggle. I am running a half marathon on the 29th and my wife is doing the full. I hope to be in the 1:50 range. I worked on my new bike over the weekend and it should be set up for a good ride next weekend. I still need to get some pictures of the new ride to post. December 29th will be the first official day of my training plan for the Florida 70.3.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My First Half Ironman Training - Mile Repeats and 13.1 with the Wife

I ran 13.1 with the wife on Saturday and it was great. We don't get to train together very much with the two kids so it was nice. My wife is running the Spacecoast Marathon on November 29, so this was a good training run. We had a goal in mind as far as pace goes and we beat it. I did 6 miles yesterday with 5 mile repeats. Felt good and ended up at 7:30 pace. I think I'm finally feeling comfortable running and look forward to it now. I will have a good base built up by January when the hard training begins. I watched the NYC Marathon Sunday and it is amazing to see those runners keep that pace for the distance. I heard the announcers discuss a few sub 5 min miles and couldn't imagine that pace.