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Thursday, April 15, 2010

At The Gas Pump

I was at the gas pump this morning and a car pulled up next to me. A woman, not too bad looking, jumped out and approached me. I was wondering where this was going, and then I saw the pamphlets in her hand. Now, I am very open to evryone's beliefs and they have no effect on me so to each his (or her) own. She started to tellme how I could live a better life and have more time for my family and how her reading materials could help me. I was very polite and accepted the materials. I just watched the car she was riding in leave the parking lot.

I wondered what made them stop to talk to me. Maybe because I was on my way to work and was dressed up a bit, they just assumed that I needed their help with living a better life and making time for family. If nothing else, it made me think about things for a few minutes. Then I got right back to the important stuff, you know,the day ahead at work, the evening workout, then tomorrow's 5 a.m. workout, and then the afternoon workout. Saturday morning's long run before I coach my 6 year olds soccer game and make plans with the wife and kids for the rest of the weekend. Then I thought, see they don't know what they're talking about, there is plenty of time for my family. Anyway, I have to go it's time to train before going home to help put the kids bed. Another wonderful day. St. Anthony's next weekend!!

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