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Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Triathlon Training

I had to go to plan b, literally because Plan B is my local bike shop, because I tightened my seat on Friday night and broke one of the screws on the clamp. The screw broke off in the clamp. Arggg! They managed to get the broken screw out, but they had to order a new screw. That meant no bike this weekend.

I did manage to run the 10K for Daytona Frogman on Saturday. I took it a little easy because my foot is feeling a little better and I did not want to aggravate it. Ended up with a decent 7:27 pace and I hope that I can hold that pace on Sunday off the 25 mile bike.

There was an open ocean swim clinic yesterday and we had a decent turnout. There were a lot of beginners but some experienced people as well. We basically did beach starts and swam out to a buoy that was about 100 yards off the outer sandbar and came back in. We did about 10 of these heats and it was good to get the feel for the ocean starts again. I felt good and was able to keep out in front of most of the others. I feel confident for sprint distances, but a mile swim is totally different. I'm hoping to be able to relax and get into a good rhythm for the long swim and not get out of the water too drained.

Tomorrow we are doing a 400 yard swim before spin class, then a 2 mile run after class for a nice full brick. I plan on doing a couple hours on the trainer tonight, if I get my bike back together, and then Wednesday will be an interval run. That will be my last hard workout of the week. I will do some transition practice after work this week. Probably at least 2 days at about an hour each. Transition practice is like getting free time in the race. I learned the hard way last season that transition can mean the difference between 3rd and 4th. transition training can take off precious seconds with minimal training time. Try taking 1 minute off your swim and see how long that takes. You can easily get your transitions down to at least 30-45 seconds if you train for them correctly (olympic and sprint distances). Have a great week everyone!

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