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Friday, March 26, 2010

Half Ironman Triathlon Training: Weekend Plans

My foot is feeling better today and I hope to get a big weekend of training in. I have a 2 hour trainer ride planned for tonight. We will be watching my nephew tonight so it will be a little crazy around the house with 3 kids, but I'll get the ride in after they settle down for bed.

Tomorrow I plan on a 10 mile run (easy to test the foot) before our second soccer game at 9. We lost the first game (I coach 5 and 6 year olds so it was an accidental shot) 1 - 0. It is actually pretty fun to watch the kids. Maybe 8 of the 16 on the field actually have a clue. I need to get a swim in after practice or in the afternoon. I may go to the ocean for some open water training. St. Anthony's is coming up fast and I want to feel confident going in.

Sunday is a 3 hour long ride. I will probably join a small group for the first part of the ride. They are pretty relaxed and it will be a good warm up. I'll do the last couple hours on my own. I would like to do a short transition run after the bike, but I'll see how my foot feels after the ride and long run on Saturday.

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