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Friday, March 19, 2010

Triathlon Training Plan: Daytona Frogman

Daytona Frogman is Sunday and I can't wait to race!I will go for a swim tonight and probably just rest tomorrow. I have bike check in on Saturday, so maybe a short ride to check everything out before I go. I will do some transition training tonight and tomorrow morning to get a little of the rust off. I haven't had a tri since last August so I need a little refresher. I am curious to see the results of my training this year and I hope to get a good gauge on where I will be for St.Anthony's next month. Even though I am using this weekends race as a "tune up", I want to do well because it is my hometown and I do every race as an "A" race really. I give all I can at every race otherwise I would just do a training session for free.

I also need to see where my foot is because I have only ran twice in the last week so I could take some time for my plantar fasciitis flare up to calm down. It feels better, but not 100%. I will baby it until race day and see what happens. There is an expo on Saturday and I am sure it will be fun. I'll let everyone know my results and if anything comes up over the weekend, I'll throw up an update.

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