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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Half Ironman Training Update

Yesterday was my first official training day for my first half ironman. I planned on a swim at lunch but when I got there, I realized the gym at my local college was closed for winter break, great. I didn't have my running shoes with me so I would have to swim and run after work. Oh well. I live in Florida so the cold is not usually a factor. Not usually. We have been having a "cold" snap this week and it was about 45 degrees outside when I got to the pool. I was the only one there when I got there and hoped it would be closed for some strange reason but it wasn't. I have not really swam much since my last race in August and this session tonight was not pretty. I felt slow and out of breath. It sarted to come back to me after about 1000m and I left soon after. I went home and did a 4 mile run with some 30 sec. intervals thrown in. Pretty boring. One day down and 20 weeks to go!

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