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Friday, January 8, 2010

Freezing in Florida

I'm not much of a whiner, in fact I hate it, but I'm going to whine a bit. It is freezing in Florida. I know it's much colder in most of the country but that's why I live in Florida. The pool gets closed, I don't own a pair of running tights, and I only ride on the trainer when it's this cold out. I still get in good training but it's not quite as enjoyable.

On the flip side, we have to deal with the horrible heat that makes it almost unbearable to train after the sun comes up in the summer. I would rather train in the heat than the cold anytime. I'm just wanting to complain tonight because I'm sitting up, past my bedtime, hoping to see a speck of snow so I can wake up my 6 year old daughter because she has never seen snow and she would love it.


  1. i feel exactly the same! i miss sweating and i'm tired of having to put so much thought into what i need to wear when it's under 40 degrees outside, the pool isn't open in the AM b/c it's too cold so change your whole schedule around....i could just go on. oh yeah, i don't own a pair of long tights either! thanks for letting me whine a bit too. now i feel better : )

  2. Saw your blog link on the thread on BT. I hear ya on the cold (I'm in AZ) but it hasnt been bad enough here to make me get on the trainer! Good luck with your HIM training!
    Sally (riorio on BT)

  3. Found you on the BT blog roll as well. Cold is such a funny perceiving thing. Right now up here outside of NYC a 25 degree morning is like a heat wave. Over the summer when it was in the 70's-80's every day, if we had a 55 degree morning, I felt like I had to throw on every cold weather running item I owned when in fact it was pretty warm out still. Stay with it! It will warm up soon for ya!

  4. Hi

    Just a small, cold hello from a triathlete in Norway. Last week we had - 17 degrees Celsius one morning. My derailleurs and brakes refused to move after a while. 28 degrees sounds like heaven to me right now :-) Looking forward to warmer days!

  5. Anonymous,
    I don't know how you live in those temperatures, let alone worry about training. Good work.