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Friday, February 26, 2010

First Half Ironman Training; Sunday Long Ride and Daytona Frogman Triathlon Training

Sunday had a long training ride on the schedule. Due to our weekend weather lately, this was the first outside ride in the last 3 weeks. I was very glad to be off the trainer for this weekend. We planned a 3 hour ride and as always, it turned into a 3 hr 45 min ride and 70 miles.

This was sort of a test run, as it was the first ride since having my flat problems. For two weeks in a row, I had multiple flats and one ride I had to make the call of shame and have the wife come get me. I was using a new rear tire,Continental Gator,and hoped it would be the end of my flat streak, at least for awhile. I also put some tire liners in both tires to ward off the flats. I have been using the Continental Gator on the trainer and it has been great. No problems and I felt confident going back out on the road.

The ride went well and since I raced on Saturday, my legs were pretty well fried by the end. I am now focused on the first olympic tri of the season next month. The Daytona Frogman Triathlon is having its inaugural race on March 21. The race director has put on a sprint series for the last few years and has now added this distance. Tigershark Endurance Events puts on a great race. I am excited because it is a local race and I will be riding the course for the next few weeks in training. I can get to the course from my house, on my bike in about 15 minutes, so it will be a good warm up.

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