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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sufferfest "Fight Club" Video Review and Brick Workout

Sunday I planned a 2 hour trainer ride with a 5 mile brick run. I did the sufferfest video on Friday night by itself for the first time. It was a tough workout (in a good way)and it definitely lived up to its name. It is a tough hour long session that takes you into the heart of a real cycling event.

The Sufferfest "Fight Club" training video is the one I purchased. It focuses on time trial efforts with some climbing at the end of each lap. There are attacks that are thrown in to keep you paying attention and your heart rate elevated. I found the time passed very quickly (which usually does not happen) on the trainer. For my brick session, I rode a tempo effort for 30 min., then I did the video, followed by another 30 min. that ended with some higher spin efforts to get the legs ready for the 5 mile run.

I had a great sufferfest training ride and a decent run after. I wanted to hold a pace that allowed me to finish under 8 min/mile and I did with a 7:50 pace. Not a race pace effort but I finished feeling good knowing I could have pushed harder for a race.

I have a 10K this weekend and I have not ran an open 10K race since last year, so I am hoping for another PR like I had for my 5K a few weeks ago.

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