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Thursday, February 4, 2010 Aero Disc Wheel Cover Review

I have a few more hours with the cover on the trainer and still fits snug. No strange rattles or anything as of yet. If the weather cooperates this weekend, I will have a 3 hour road test and post how it went. Our weekends for the last month or so have been extremely windy so I hope it lets up some for this weekend.


Happy New Year! I have about 4 trainer hours with the wheel cover on and it has not loosened up at all. The weather has been unseasonably cold here in Florida so I have not been on the road with the aero disc yet. I will continue to train with the wheel cover on the trainer and monitor if it loosens up or if there are any other problems.

I received my aero wheel cover from today. I was excited to try out and review this product. I have heard many people like the product and wanted to know for myself how it works. I needed to stop at my local bike shop and get the necessary tools for installation (chain whip and lockring removal tool).

I know the aero wheel cover is only for racing, but I wanted to install it and ride a little to get a feeling for it and make sure when it comes to race day, that I know how to install and feel comfortable putting it on.

When I opened the box, all the installation pieces were there and I was ready to give it a shot. Let me first say that I am not very mechanically inclined when it comes to my bike, or anything really. Removing the cassette was not all that hard and the biggest trick was getting it off without losing the order of the cogs and the spacers. I accomplished this without a problem.

I then put the wheel cover on and it was fairly easy. It did take a little adjusting back and forth once I got the fasteners on and this was a little frustrating. I put a fastener in every other hole at first, then I installed the others. I kept them loose at this time so that I could do the adjusting. After a few minutes of moving the disc around, I finally felt like it was in the right spot.

I tightend the fasteners and checked the fit. There seemed to be some warping of the cover so I loosened up the fasteners a bit and it seemed to take care of the problem.

I reinstalled the cassette and went to put the wheel back on my bike. I don't know why, but I have the hardest time putting my back wheel on. I messed with this for a little while and finally got it. I put the bike on my trainer and made sure nothing was rubbing. It seemed fine and I will go for a short neighborhood tour tonight after work. I will post updates on the durability of the product as time goes on.

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