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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Port Orange YMCA 10K

I ran the Port Orange YMCA 10K today and ran a PR of 44:22. It got me 3rd in my age group and 8th overall. My first podium finish since I started racing a couple years ago. I ran the race last year and came in at 51:30 so I'm happy with the progress.

As I get more training under my belt for Florida 70.3, I am realizing the difference between real training and the working out I use to do. I was in shape last year when I raced but this year I feel more like I am trained to race. It is alot of hard work but as I race this season, I am seeing new PR's and realizing that it is all the hard work that makes the difference.

Looking forward to my 3 hour ride tomorrow with a small group. Our weather has been bad the last three weekends, so it will be nice to be outside for my long rides instead of on the trainer.

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  1. Congrats on the PR. Glad the quality training is paying off. I like how you added your graph from BT- wish I could figure out how to do that. I post over there as riorio.