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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Florida 70.3 for Me!!

I am having to pull the plug on the Florida 70.3 half ironman race. My plantar fasciitis problems have really hurt my training. My bike and swim is good but I have only run once in 4 weeks and that was at St. Anthony's and my 44 minute 10K time turned into an hour long jog/walk.I love writing my blog so I will continue to update with my regular training progress and report on my sprint races.

I also plan to add more funny posts that relate to my everyday life. Please continue to follow me as I rework my blog. I hope to add many more followers. Thanks again for following.

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  1. Oh man! Sorry to hear your PF is acting up. Been there and it sucks. ART really helped me and have never had any probs since...that was 12 years ago. I'll still be following you! Hope your foot heals up fast.