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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2Toms Blister Shield and Sports Shield

I have just bought some new shoes and have been getting blisters around the heel. I tried a new (at least new to me) product in hopes that it would relieve the hot spot in the area. I used the 2Toms sports shield before my last 2 runs and it was great. I had no irritation in the area or any other areas that usually get a little tender.

I live in Florida so even a short run gets everything soaking wet, and I can feel hot spots start to develop. With another run, I used the blister shield product in my socks as directed. Again, I was impressed with how dry it kept my feet. I did not feel the slipping around in my shoes that I normally do and had no hot spots to worry about.

I would recommend both of these products and the customer service with the company was great. They have a great facebook page where you can enter their "Worst Blister Challenge" and win some free products. I like the company and I love there products. Check out 2Toms and train blister free.

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