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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Half Ironman Triathlon Training Plans By Tri Geek

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Tri Geek training plans offer all levels of triathlon training for all distances of triathlon. The plans are easy to follow for those who self coach and need the structured workouts written out for them. Check out the site and what they have to offer.

Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Prerequisite before starting the plans:

1. Able to Run 1-2 miles without stopping.
2. Able to Swim 100 yards without stopping.
3. Able to Bike comfortably for 30 mins.

Be 100% absolutely confident that you will finish your triathlon race in peak state and in peak performance when you commit to train and follow at least 80% of this triathlon training plan.

Features and benefits of a Triathlon Geek self-coaching training plan:

All plans include a nutritional guide for endurance athletes.

3 athletic levels of triathlon training per sport (Age Grouper, Elite and Pro Athletes).

Triathlon specific Weight training and Core Strength routines for power and muscular endurance.

Detailed triathlon workout plans each day.

Gradual Increase in intensity and distance to avoid injuries and over training.

Balanced approach to endurance triathlon training so you do not burn out.

Start your triathlon training today. Digital (Adobe PDF) triathlon training plan sent to you via email.

5 Key triathlon training phases to achieve a peak state on race day.

2 Active Recovery phases.

Suitable for all levels of fitness including beginners.

At-a-glance triathlon training plan - one page per week.

Workouts are easy to read and follow.

Time-Intensity grid for each training day - allowing you to mentally gauge how intense or long your workouts will take.

One Day off per week.

Swim, Bike and Run drills.

Triathlon workouts include Brick, Speed Work, Endurance and Power routines.

Longer workouts on the weekend and Shorter workouts on the weekday to balance work life commitments.

Metric system (km) plans for Australia, New Zealand, Canadian and European athletes or those who prefer to train in the metric system.

Click here to visit Geek Publishers by Julian Dean

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