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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

St. Anthony's Triathlon and Half Ironman Training

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I am so excited for St. Anthony's this weekend. I am a little concerned because my foot still is only about 80% but I'll do my best and enjoy the atmosphere this weekend at St. Anthony's on Sunday. I had a decent swim last night and good spin class this morning. I will probably do a short (very short and easy) swim, bike, run brick on Thursday with a small group of people. The run will be very easy and short just so I get the feeling of what I am in for on Sunday.

It's been a crazy couple weeks with really cutting back on the run to let my foot heal and lots of crazy work stuff. Tonight I have a soccer game for my 6 year olds soccer team. This is my first year coaching and it's pretty fun. The kids are actually getting better and learning the team concept. I knew nothing about soccer before this but I know teamwork and fitness so it was not that hard (and the fact that they are only 6 and have no real expectations didn't hurt). I'll update before the race and of course a race report next week. Wish me luck and god luck to everyone else who will be racing this weekend.

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