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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 Aero Wheel Cover Review

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As you can see, the wheel cover is still holding up. I have taken it off and cleaned it up a bit but overall it is in very good shape. I will keep it on through training and replace it if and when it begins to look too worn. I would highly recommend this as an accessory. I know a lot of people would rather spend ten times as much on a real disc but I have other things to spend my money on, like my mortgage and kids. It would be cool to have that disc sound as I passed by people, but the quiet when passing them is pretty cool too.

This is an update to my aero wheel cover from The cover is still on my bike and is still going strong. It looks a little worn but is still as tight as the day I put it on. I have been putting electrical tape over the valve stem opening and it has been fine except for one occasion where it came loose while riding. No big deal. This aero wheel cover has been one of the best accessories I've added to my Quintana Roo TiPhoon. I recommend a wheel cover from and if this one ever needs to be replaced, I will definitely get another one.

Another couple weeks of using the cover have gone by and besides the sticker over my stem valve coming loose, no problems. I have to take the sticker off to air up my tire so it gets worn after a couple times. I will be using electrical tape now that the 3 stickers that came with the cover are used up. I check the cover after each ride and it stays solid. I am more than satisfied with the quality of the cover and happy with my purchase. I recommend a wheelbuilder cover for anyone on a budget, or not, that wants the look and advantage of a disc without the disadvantage of the cost.

My wheel cover got me through another race and it is going strong. I raced a sprint and the 10 mile bike leg was a flat fast ride. I ended up with a 22.8 avg. That was my fastest bike split for that particular race. I have been training more but I can't help but think the cover makes some difference. I don't even know it's on there most of the time. Very quiet with no rattling. I still highly recommend you spend the $90 or so dollars on this before dropping over $1000.00 on a disc. At least try it. If you just have the $$ laying around, you could always sponsor a hard working husband and father of 2 beautiful girls for the race season (I'm talking about me).

The wheel cover is still going strong. I got through St. Anthony's and about 100 miles since then and the cover is still holding strong. I'll probably keep it on for a while since I have at least 1 spint a month for the next 4 months. I am very happy with it so far and it has been very durable. Great product.

Well I got another 30 miles in on the wheel cover and still like it. It was another windy ride and I did feel it a little with strong cross winds. Not out of control or anything, but I did need to pay a little more attention to what I was doing.
I rode the Frogman route again with a friend Sunday and it hurt going into the wind, but we were moving at a really good pace (up to 30 mph) with the tailwind. I got in a good training ride and I'm looking forward to the first race of the season next Sunday and using the wheelcover in a race. I have a new bike this season and the wheel cover makes it look extra fast, so I hope I have built up the engine enough to go with the looks. I guess I'll know next Sunday. I'm out.

I rode for the first time on the road with the disc cover this weekend. Only did 25 miles and I was very surprised with the disc wheel cover. I was expecting quite a bit of rattle from the cover but I never noticed it and even my ridng partner said he did not notice it either. Not sure if I could tell a whole lot of difference with the wheel cover on, because I have been doing so much on the trainer and spin class, I know my fitness level is improved. I do know it doesn't hurt so I'm keeping it on. We had 20-25 mph winds and the only time I felt a little sketchy was going down the bridge with a bit of a cross wind. I rode the brakes at 25 mph (I know , what a pus) because I just felt a little loose. Not sure if it was the disc or just the strong winds.

I checked everything out on the disc when I got home, and it was all still nice and tight. I plan to keep it on for a while now as I start racing this month and have one a month until October. I'll keep updating as I put on the miles.

I have a few more hours with the cover on the trainer and still fits snug. No strange rattles or anything as of yet. If the weather cooperates this weekend, I will have a 3 hour road test and post how it went. Our weekends for the last month or so have been extremely windy so I hope it lets up some for this weekend.


Happy New Year! I have about 4 trainer hours with the wheel cover on and it has not loosened up at all. The weather has been unseasonably cold here in Florida so I have not been on the road with the aero disc yet. I will continue to train with the wheel cover on the trainer and monitor if it loosens up or if there are any other problems.

I received my aero wheel cover from today. I was excited to try out and review this product. I have heard many people like the product and wanted to know for myself how it works. I needed to stop at my local bike shop and get the necessary tools for installation (chain whip and lockring removal tool).

I know the aero wheel cover is only for racing, but I wanted to install it and ride a little to get a feeling for it and make sure when it comes to race day, that I know how to install and feel comfortable putting it on.

When I opened the box, all the installation pieces were there and I was ready to give it a shot. Let me first say that I am not very mechanically inclined when it comes to my bike, or anything really. Removing the cassette was not all that hard and the biggest trick was getting it off without losing the order of the cogs and the spacers. I accomplished this without a problem.

I then put the wheel cover on and it was fairly easy. It did take a little adjusting back and forth once I got the fasteners on and this was a little frustrating. I put a fastener in every other hole at first, then I installed the others. I kept them loose at this time so that I could do the adjusting. After a few minutes of moving the disc around, I finally felt like it was in the right spot.

I tightend the fasteners and checked the fit. There seemed to be some warping of the cover so I loosened up the fasteners a bit and it seemed to take care of the problem.

I reinstalled the cassette and went to put the wheel back on my bike. I don't know why, but I have the hardest time putting my back wheel on. I messed with this for a little while and finally got it. I put the bike on my trainer and made sure nothing was rubbing. It seemed fine and I will go for a short neighborhood tour tonight after work. I will post updates on the durability of the product


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