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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tempo Runs and Triathlon Training

This morning was a 5 mile run with 3 mile tempo in the middle. I was running with a fast group and it was a tough morning. I like running with them because it really pushes me. Each mile gets progressively faster. We started with a 7:01, then 6:55. The last mile was a 6:47 pace and proved to be too much for me to hold. I slowed to a manageable 7:20 pace and finished the 3 miles. The last cool down mile was nice and I was ready for it. I feel like the speed work is starting to push my speed up a bit, so it feels good and hurts at the same time.

I feel pretty good about my race this weekend. It is a local sprint triathlon with a 1/2 mile swim, 15 mile bike and a 4 mile beach run. The run on the beach is tough. There is always some soft sand to deal with. I'm hoping to pass a couple of the guys that always seem to edge me out on the run. This is the last local race, so I would like to do really well. I have lots of friends racing this weekend so it should be lots of fun.

I'll put up a report after the race. Happy training to everyone.


  1. Good to hear that...

    Running with fast companions is very motivating to me too..It keeps me on track..

  2. That's great! Keep it up and more power to you! Have the best run always..